“Building the next generation’s champions”
Cary is available for comment and story development on the following topics:
  • Overcoming Pain, Fear, and Failure
  • Personal Transformation, Breakthrough, and Success
  • Commitment to Self-mastery and Self-ownership
  • Personal Development Through Fitness, Nutrition, and Martial Arts
  • Creating a Lifestyle and Business Around Purpose and Passion

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Cary Hokama is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Holistic Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Best-selling Author, and Motivational Speaker who teaches entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and executives how to become crystal clear about their life’s mission and how to reach their fullest potential. Cary also serves as a global ambassador for the National College of Exercise Professionals and the Center for Advanced Coaching.

A graduate from Cal State Long Beach, Cary majored in Speech Communications with an emphasis in Public Speaking and Interpersonal Relationships. Before starting his personal development business, Cary was a highlight producer at Fox Sports, a musician, non-profit organizer, and GM of a multi-million dollar sunglass brand.

Cary is now the #1 Amazon best-selling author of the book Own Your Self: Master Your Character, Rise to Any Challenge, Find True Inner Peace, and he hosts the “Own Your Self” podcast where guests share breakthrough stories to help inspire others towards their own breakthroughs. Cary lives in Southern California with his wife.